The commitment to develop meaningful, quality materials is what drives TAKE 3 PUBLISHING. Jane Petlinski, Elaine Fay, and Becky Manfredini are uniquely positioned to create innovative content

and powerful learning experiences.

Jane Petlinski

Jane Petlinski

With degrees in English and Urban Education, Jane was a classroom teacher and a gifted and talented coordinator before entering the publishing world. She’s held several executive positions at major educational publishing companies.

Solving problems in an ever-changing educational environment—that’s what challenges me.

Elaine Fay

Elaine Fay

Elaine holds degrees in archaeology and museum education and was a museum director as well as a history textbook author. She’s held senior positions at publishers and currently works with various state organizations whose aim is to help young people achieve their potential.

Empowering young people – that’s what
motivates me.

Becky Manfredini

Becky Manfredini

Becky’s degrees in music education, fine arts, and clinical psychology led her to a teaching career. She then worked at a publishing company before starting her own business where she collaborated with publishers and foundations to create products.

Creating innovative learning experiences for all kids – that’s what inspires me.

Our diverse talents have brought dimension to our roles in publishing.


authors and writers

publishing executives

program consultants

teacher trainers


museum curators

educational sales representatives


lyricists and musicians

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